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Beauty Games, Page 0 - 941 free girl games added as of today

Frozen Ann... Frozen Anna’s Make Up Look

Frozen Anna’s Make Up Look

Anna has to get dressed up for the party at the Frozen castle. Do her make-up and dress her with the best outfits you have around.

Design You... Design Your Hello Kitty Make-Up

Design Your Hello Kitty Make-Up

Do our friend's make-up with your favorite beauty products and make her look a little like Hello Kitty. Have fun!

Cannes Fes... Cannes Festival

Cannes Festival

You have to dress up really elegantly to go to the Cannes Festival. Lots of famous and prestigious people go there! Do the girls' make-up and dress them for the occasion.

Prom Party... Prom Party Haircuts

Prom Party Haircuts

Andrea wants a new haircut, something drastic, and she also needs help with her make-up. Use your imagination and try to make her look as pretty as possible.

Wedding Ha... Wedding Haircuts

Wedding Haircuts

Become a professional hairdresser specialized in looks for girls about to get married. You have to give them special haircuts!

Princess N... Princess Nail Salon

Princess Nail Salon

A complete manicure session is a good way to spend a nice afternoon if it happens to be raining out and there's nothing else to do. So let's take advantage and make our nails shiny and colorful!

Monster Hi... Monster High Venus McFlytrap Makeup

Monster High Venus McFlytrap Makeup

Do this girl's make-up. She wants to dress up as a character from Monster High this year. You have to paint her face completely green!

Fashion Na... Fashion Nail Salon

Fashion Nail Salon

Imagine that you work at a beauty salon where they give manicures to their customers. Paint their nails and pick the best decorations for them. Make sure the girls are happy when they go!

Emo Girl F... Emo Girl Facial Makeover

Emo Girl Facial Makeover

Emo girls, even though they have a different vision of beauty, also like to do their make up. Learn about the kinds of colors they use on their faces the most to later have fun dressing one of them up.

Barbie Pro... Barbie Prom Nails Designer

Barbie Prom Nails Designer

Design the best nail color you can create for Barbie. You can mix the different colors however you want. Have fun!

Cleo De Ni... Cleo De Nile Hand Spa

Cleo De Nile Hand Spa

Do you want to spend some time with Cleo de Nile and give her a manicure? She wants new colors for her nails. Make sure they're pretty!

Elsa Face ... Elsa Face Tattoo

Elsa Face Tattoo

Elsa decided to get a tattoo... on her face! Take her to the best tattoo artist in the area and pick a pretty design, because she'll have it for the rest of her life.

Modern Ali... Modern Alice Hair Salon

Modern Alice Hair Salon

Alice opened a beauty salon where the customers go for modern hairstyles. You can tell by their outfits! You get to take care of what they want.

Winter Bra... Winter Braids Tutorial

Winter Braids Tutorial

Learn how to do a girl's hair. She's about to get married! Give her a special hairdo for her wedding, making her hair shine more than ever.

Christmas ... Christmas Dress Up and Make Up

Christmas Dress Up and Make Up

This girl wants to wear the perfect outfit on Christmas day so she's really pretty. What's the best make-up to match her clothes? Check it out!

Elsa's Cor... Elsa's Coronation Day

Elsa's Coronation Day

Today is Elsa's coronation day. Somebody has to help her do her make-up and get dressed so she gets to the ceremony on time!

Christmas ... Christmas Fab Nails

Christmas Fab Nails

What color did you paint your nails this Christmas? There are tons of shades and stickers that would look great.

Frozen Els... Frozen Elsa's Coronation Hairstyle

Frozen Elsa's Coronation Hairstyle

Would you like to have the same haircut as Elsa from the movie Frozen? Learn the steps with our model and then try it on your own hair. You'll look great!

Ellie Wint... Ellie Winter Makeover

Ellie Winter Makeover

Ellie's boyfriend is waiting outside for her so they can take a walk. Help her do her hair and make-up and get dressed. Make sure she wears warm clothes because it's snowing!

Modern Godess Modern Godess

Modern Godess

What do you think a true goddess in modern times is like? That depends on each individual, but the norm is to put on nice make-up and wear nice clothes. The jewelry is also really important!

Fashionist... Fashionista Daring Diva

Fashionista Daring Diva

Do your make-up with the available beauty products and have fun going shopping in the afternoon. Let's see which outfits you like best! Maybe you can give the other girls ideas...

Elsa Thank... Elsa Thanksgiving Haircuts

Elsa Thanksgiving Haircuts

A princess like Elsa should know how to maintain her beauty, even in a place as freezing as the Frozen kingdom. Help her so her hair looks better than ever, even at really low temperatures.

Girl In Th... Girl In The Attic

Girl In The Attic

The girl living in the attic has to go out and you have to help her get ready. You're going to do her make-up and dress her the way you like.

Side Split... Side Split Dresses

Side Split Dresses

Help this girl get ready to go out and pick her make-up so she's the prettiest girl of all. And then dress her with the best dress!


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