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Beauty Games, Page 0 - 974 free girl games added as of today

Holiday Pr... Holiday Prep: Thanksgiving Day

Holiday Prep: Thanksgiving Day

Get ready to do your make-up and get dress up to spend Thanksgiving Day with your family! You're going to have a great evening at home.

Perfect Be... Perfect Beach Pedicure Salon

Perfect Beach Pedicure Salon

Do you feel like going to the beach to cool off for a while? First you have to get a pedicure so your feet look pretty!

Makeover S... Makeover Studio - Amazon Warrior

Makeover Studio - Amazon Warrior

Create your own amazon warrior by picking and designing the dresses she'll wear. She can't go without a pretty haircut!

Cheerleade... Cheerleader Hair Styles

Cheerleader Hair Styles

Have fun completely changing a cheerleader's hair and discover all the possible results. She'll look perfect for the game!

Pretty Nai... Pretty Nail Salon Makeover

Pretty Nail Salon Makeover

Give the customers that go to your new beauty salon manicures, giving them fantastic results by changing the color of their nails.

Enchanted ... Enchanted Forest Hair Salon

Enchanted Forest Hair Salon

They're going to have a big dance in the woods soon, and characters like Tinkerbell and Little Red Riding Hood have to go to the hairdresser's. Will you help them?

Beauty Sal... Beauty Salon Makeover

Beauty Salon Makeover

Wait on all the customers that enter your new beauty salon and do their make-up as best you can. They'll look beautiful!

Halloween ... Halloween Hairstyles

Halloween Hairstyles

Give a girl a spectacular haircut for Halloween and decorate it with the most terrifying objects. All her friends will be jealous!

Super Barb... Super Barbie Makeup Remova

Super Barbie Makeup Remova

It's important to know how to do your make-up, but it's also important to know how to clean it off your face at the end of the day! Learn the steps and dress Barbie in her favorite pajamas.

Amanita Ni... Amanita Nightshade Haircuts

Amanita Nightshade Haircuts

Pick the new haircut for the little monster, Amanita Nightshade, and have fun giving her the most colorful highlights. You'll see how good her new look is!

Baby Barbi... Baby Barbie Glittery Fashion

Baby Barbie Glittery Fashion

Do little Barbie's make-up with lots of colors and sparkles. You'll see how good she looks in the dresses in her closet!

Disney Pri... Disney Princess Casting Audition

Disney Princess Casting Audition

What were the most famous Disney princesses thinking when they showed up at the casting?!? Didn't they look in the mirror first? Try to fix them up a little so they look pretty...

Barbie Hai... Barbie Hair Doctor

Barbie Hair Doctor

Barbie has a big problem, and you're the only who can fix it. Her hair is a mess! Clean her hair and care for it to later give her a dreamy hairstyle.

Baby Sophi... Baby Sophia Haircut

Baby Sophia Haircut

Sophia has to get a new look. Her hair is too long! Use the scissors to cut it and try to give her a pretty hair cut. You can also dress her!

Stylish Be... Stylish Beard Grooming

Stylish Beard Grooming

Work in a hair salon where they also cut and take care of beards and shave guys' faces. Make sure they're happy when they go!

Long Haire... Long Haired Girl

Long Haired Girl

This pretty girl always has long hair. What dress looks best on her? Pick your favorite clothes in her closet!

Super Barb... Super Barbie Real Makeover

Super Barbie Real Makeover

If you want to know what Barbie uses to keep her skin so smooth, you just have to spend an afternoon with her. You'll see how much fun you'll have!

Princess A... Princess Anna Wedding Nails

Princess Anna Wedding Nails

Anna wants to have perfect nails, but she still hasn't decided on her criteria. Why don't you try giving her a manicure with the prettiest colors you can find?

Barbie Wed... Barbie Wedding Hairstyles

Barbie Wedding Hairstyles

It's time for Barbie to marry Ken! She obviously wants to look prettier than ever. Do you want to be her hairdresser and create a pretty hairstyle for her?

Ariana Gra... Ariana Grande Real Makeup

Ariana Grande Real Makeup

Do the make-up of one of the most famous singers in the world, Ariana Grande! It should be subtle, just enough to add some color to disguise the bags under her eyes.

Fashion Na... Fashion Nail Salon 2

Fashion Nail Salon 2

Caroline hasn't had her nails done for a while now. Hang out with her for a while and enjoy the manicure products. All your ideas are going to look fabulous on her nails!

Monster Hi... Monster High DIY Nails

Monster High DIY Nails

Even though they're monsters, the girls from Monster High also have the right to be pretty... in their own way! Help each character do her manicure. You'll see how much fun it is!

Princess H... Princess Hair Salon 2

Princess Hair Salon 2

It's time for the princess to go to the castle's beauty salon. Long hair is pretty, but hers almost touches the ground! Give this pretty girl a new, refreshing look.

Barbie Tan... Barbie Tanning Accident

Barbie Tanning Accident

The tanning session turned into a true nightmare for Barbie. She fell asleep and woke up with a burned face! Try to fix the situation however you can... the poor girl needs your help!


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