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Beauty Games, Page 0 - 902 free girl games added as of today

Sofia The ... Sofia The First Great Makeover

Sofia The First Great Makeover

Princess Sofia needs someone she trusts to prepare her face makeup. Do you want to try it? You'll probably have lots of fun and do a great job!

Best Weddi... Best Wedding Hairstyles

Best Wedding Hairstyles

Do a bride's make-up so she's the prettiest girl at the wedding. You also have to pick the dress she'll wear, as well as the earrings and tiara.

Rock On Ma... Rock On Makeover

Rock On Makeover

Dress and do the make-up of a super mega fan of the group that's playing in the city tonight. She's going to the concert, so she wants to be well-prepared. Help her before it gets late!

Zendaya Co... Zendaya Coleman Makeover

Zendaya Coleman Makeover

Put make-up on the main character from the "Shake It Up" series and enjoy learning new beauty secrets for when she goes on stage. Awesome game for girls, because who doesn't have fun sitting in front of the mirror for a while?

My Lovely ... My Lovely Hairstyle

My Lovely Hairstyle

This girl is tired of her hairstyle and wants you to give her a new one. We hope you have the same tastes as she does, because if you do a good job you can also dress her. Get to work!

Cherry Bl... Cherry Blossom Makeover

Cherry Blossom Makeover

Asian make-up styles aren't too different from those in Europe, and even the way they dress, although traditional, isn't too different, either. Try to dress and do the make-up of an Asian girl and have fun with her.

Nail Studi... Nail Studio - Animal Design

Nail Studio - Animal Design

Every time we want to change our nail colors, we have to clean, cut or file our nails first. Then we can pick the color we like best, but always with an animal theme!

Hollywood ... Hollywood Star Haircuts

Hollywood Star Haircuts

A girl with really long hair came to the hairdresser's and wants a complete makeover. Give her a new look and demonstrate what a great hairdresser you are.

Angelina M... Angelina Maleficent Makeover

Angelina Maleficent Makeover

Doing Angelina's make-up to turn her into the character from Maleficent isn't an easy job, and it's not easy to sew her dresses either! But with great enthusiasm and work, the results are always good. Do you want to see them?

Make-up St... Make-up Studio - Smokey Eyes

Make-up Studio - Smokey Eyes

Dress and do the make-up of a girl who's really worried about having a pretty face. She might look good with pink eye shadow, but you're the one who gets to decide in the end!

Ever After... Ever After High Kitty Cheshire

Ever After High Kitty Cheshire

Cartoon girls also think about how they look. Use cosmetics on one of them and then dress her. If it were up to her, the beauty session would never end!

Barbie Mov... Barbie Moving To Manhattan

Barbie Moving To Manhattan

Barbie wants to try out a beauty salon, because she heard that you leave there feeling like new and she wants to know if it's true. Not only do they give you the typical beauty care, but they also have a room full of products so she can do her make-up.

Glitter Nails Glitter Nails

Glitter Nails

If you want pretty nails you have to know about all the colors that exist and what they look good with: a ring, a bracelet... It's also important to know how long you want them. It's all a matter of taste!

Rapunzel G... Rapunzel Great Makeover

Rapunzel Great Makeover

Since Rapunzel was locked in the tower for so long, she didn't have much else to do besides take care of her hair and beauty. How does she get her hair so long and shiny?

Cosplay Ha... Cosplay Hair Salon

Cosplay Hair Salon

This girl loves cosplay, but this time it's going to be pretty simple. Change her, dress her and do her make-up like a Japanese student, she's going to look beautiful!

Natural Ma... Natural Makeover

Natural Makeover

Dress a girl and do her make-up, but make sure the colors are as natural as possible!

Little Pri... Little Princess Hair Salon

Little Princess Hair Salon

Change this girl's hairstyle, make up and clothes. Today she wants to forget about her problems and just relax!

Princess B... Princess Belle Enchanting Makeover

Princess Belle Enchanting Makeover

Princess Belle, star of "Beauty and the Beast", has a little spa in her palace... she's so lucky! She wants us to go there today to see the luxurious treatments she gets.

Punk Makeu... Punk Makeunder

Punk Makeunder

Turn a punk girl into a person that does her make-up and dresses in an elegant way. You have to take out all her piercings and hoops she wears on her face, cut her hair and, most of all... dress her in a pretty way!

Spring Hai... Spring Hairstyles & Makeup

Spring Hairstyles & Makeup

Every season is good for a particular way and style of dressing, and the same goes for hairstyles and make-up. It's still going to be spring for a little while longer, so what will you wear and how will you do your make-up for this season?

Nail Studi... Nail Studio - Beach Design

Nail Studio - Beach Design

Go to a beauty salon and ask for a complete manicure. You have to get rid of your old nail polish so you can get a new color. You're going to love it!

Boyfriend ... Boyfriend Girl Makeover

Boyfriend Girl Makeover

Have you ever thought about playing a trick on your boyfriend? One idea could be to dress him with women's clothes, it would be so funny to so him cross dress!

My First S... My First Spa Day

My First Spa Day

Abelle is going to the spa for the first time so she can relax for a few hours. Give her a massage with some stones and natural products. Later you can dress her with your favorite outfit.

Merida Hai... Merida Hairstyle

Merida Hairstyle

Change this girl's hairstyle and try to make her happier than when she came in. Your beauty salon depends on it to get more customers!


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