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TV Room De... TV Room Decorating Game

TV Room Decorating Game

In summertime sometimes we go to a beach house, where we spend a few days fixing it up, or we stay home where we have time to paint and make a few changes. If that was your task, how would you like to decorate the dining room we're presenting you with? You decide with your cool style!

Teenage Ro... Teenage Room Decorating Game

Teenage Room Decorating Game

Young people like making changes all the time, so our rooms usually change lots of times during our lives. If you're looking for furniture and decorations to make a nice change, check out everything we suggest in this game.

Nursery Ro... Nursery Room Decorating

Nursery Room Decorating

In some place away from the city you can find a little nursery for the suburbs... but they want to renovate the building's facade and the land around and need someone who knows about this topic to help them! Why don't you give it a shot and pick nice decorations for everything they need?

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