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Dress Up Games, Page 0 - 3308 free girl games added as of today

Pretty Mus... Pretty Mustekeer

Pretty Mustekeer

Being a sword-fighter doesn't mean you have to wear men's clothing or a tight outfit. If you're skilled, you can also dress like a princess!

Cute Vet D... Cute Vet Dressup

Cute Vet Dressup

It's so much fun being a veterinarian. You get to work with your favorite animals! Dress this girl with your favorite clothes, but remember that the animals can tear them with their claws!

Ariel's Sw... Ariel's Sweet 16

Ariel's Sweet 16

Today Ariel's turning 16 and, as usual, they're having a big party for her, and she's going to dress like a princess. Pick her outfit!

Barbie Fas... Barbie Fashion Paint

Barbie Fashion Paint

Barbie has to go to a fashion show and you have to help her pick the clothes she's going to wear. Once you have them, color in the clothes.

Cotton Can... Cotton Candy Girl

Cotton Candy Girl

Natalia had the luck of being able to go to the city fair this year. She thought she'd wear some really casual shirts or dresses, and some shorts, because it's really hot out!

Winx Girls... Winx Girls Racing Fashion

Winx Girls Racing Fashion

Meet the Winx girls and go shopping with them so they can each get a new and pretty outfit. Do you think you can give them good advice?

Ballet Pri... Ballet Princess

Ballet Princess

Dress one of the ballerinas from a ballet as if she were a true princess of dance. Remember that the slippers have to be really comfortable so she can make all the necessary moves.

Park Bench... Park Bench Kissing

Park Bench Kissing

Dress a couple in love that's enjoying a day off on a park bench. They really want to have some alone time!

Nurse Uniform Nurse Uniform

Nurse Uniform

You got hired by a hospital as a stylist so you can make new uniforms for the nurses, it's so exciting! Use your imagination and try creating the best dress of all.

Barbie Hal... Barbie Halloween Costume Designer

Barbie Halloween Costume Designer

Make the perfect Halloween costume for Barbie. It has to be really scary, because she wants to spook her neighbors to get lots of candy while trick or treating.

Summer Bea... Summer Beach Voleyball

Summer Beach Voleyball

There's nothing more comfortable than a bikini for playing volleyball on the beach with your friends, and that way we can also get tan! Pick your favorite one and try it on this pair of girls.

Redhead Pr... Redhead Princess

Redhead Princess

Which dress would look good on this girl with the red hair? Pick one, as well as the most elegant jewel that you like best.

Fasion Ate... Fasion Atelier

Fasion Atelier

Try dressing the model we present you with in the most elegant way possible. Pick from different hairstyles, dresses or outfits made up of shirts, skirts, tights or pants. Don't forget the jewelry!

Morning Wa... Morning Wakeup Makeover

Morning Wakeup Makeover

Dress and do the make-up of a girl who just woke up. She's in a big hurry because she's going to be late for school! Look in her closet and decide which outfit looks best on her.

Waterpark Fun Waterpark Fun

Waterpark Fun

Tomorrow our new friend is going to a water park with her family, but she doesn't have a bikini to wear! Quickly but carefully pick out swimming clothes that she might like.

Boyfriend'... Boyfriend's Boy Shorts

Boyfriend's Boy Shorts

Find a pretty beach outfit for this couple, who's taking a trip to a place on the coast. He really likes surfing, so you might want to find him a new board.

Ellie Wedd... Ellie Wedding Prep

Ellie Wedding Prep

Not only do you have to spend some time with Ellie and do her make-up, you also have to be responsible for picking her wedding dress. She has to leave the room looking great!

Movie Date Movie Date

Movie Date

Dress a girl between casual and elegant so she can go out to dinner tonight with her boyfriend. You can opt for the shirts and pants or the long dresses. She also has pretty earrings and bracelets in her dresser drawers.

Barbie Pus... Barbie Puss in Boots Dress Up

Barbie Puss in Boots Dress Up

Try on all the costumes Barbie has and dress her up as a great sword-fighter. Of course, the swords aren't real. Can you imagine what would happen if she cut herself?

Summer Breeze Summer Breeze

Summer Breeze

Pick the best outfit you can for a girl who's going on vacation at a hotel near the beach. You can pick from all kinds of dresses and some outfits with shirts and skirts, as well as shoes. If you like jewelry today is your day, because there are awesome necklaces and earrings!

Yoga Time ... Yoga Time with Kim

Yoga Time with Kim

Buy the clothes Kim needs for yoga class and practicing with the other students. Pick your favorite stuff!

Black & Or... Black & Orange

Black & Orange

There are two colors that Anastasia likes more than any other: black and orange. Dress her with an outfit made up of only these two shades and get a really good result. You can also pick shoes and jewelry.

Cute Anime... Cute Anime Style Dress Up

Cute Anime Style Dress Up

Dress an anime girl with her best Christmas clothes. Fire engine red would look best on her, especially for the Christmas season! Also do her make-up to match the outfit you dress her with.

Bikini Season Bikini Season

Bikini Season

It's the season for wearing bikinis, or at least it is in southern Europe. If you come here on holiday, run to the shop and find the best outfits. Do you want to try it on a model first?


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