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Dress Up Games, Page 0 - 3342 free girl games added as of today

Graduation... Graduation Day Dressup

Graduation Day Dressup

What do you want to wear on your graduation day? Pick your favorite dress and accessories. You have to look pretty for the pictures!

BFF Studio... BFF Studio - Prom Night

BFF Studio - Prom Night

You have a studio where they make the best costumes for prom night, and three friends came in who need one for next week! How are you going to do it?

Summer Bea... Summer Beauty Dressup

Summer Beauty Dressup

Summer is the ideal season to show off our bodies after having worked so hard getting in shape over the winter. Find a pretty bikini for our friend!

Design Sof... Design Sofia's Coronation Dress

Design Sofia's Coronation Dress

Princess Sofia asked for a new design to wear in front of the whole town. Take her measurements and design a pretty dress that she'll love.

Parachute ... Parachute Couple Fun

Parachute Couple Fun

Dress a girl who's resting on one of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean. She's looking for a bikini with a tropical touch that's stylish and comfortable.

Anime Cute... Anime Cute Summer Princess

Anime Cute Summer Princess

Dress a girl and pick her hairstyle, turning her into the main character from an anime show. The thing that stands out in this kind of cartoon is the dresses and long, colorful hair.

Leather Sk... Leather Skirts

Leather Skirts

Have you ever tried on leather skirts? They're thicker than skirts made with normal fabric. but you won't get cold if you wear them in cold weather!

Mommy to B... Mommy to Be Prep

Mommy to Be Prep

Mariella's going to be a mom in a few months, so her belly is going to start getting big really soon... and she has to buy new clothes! Do you want to help her?

Fashion Dr... Fashion Dressup And Makeover

Fashion Dressup And Makeover

Dress the models with the best outfits of the season. You can pick from jackets, pants, skirts, shoes and all kinds of accessories. Have fun!

Model Mania 2 Model Mania 2

Model Mania 2

Work as a model in an important clothing company and buy each outfit you need for some marvelous photo shoots.

Birthday P... Birthday Planners

Birthday Planners

Today is Hannah's birthday and she wants to have a party at home. She wants the day to be perfect! Dress her in a pretty dress and the best jewelry she has in her dressing table.

Barbie Pop... Barbie Pop Star

Barbie Pop Star

Turn Barbie into a pop star by dressing her like a real celebrity. You also have to do her make-up!

Ice Queen ... Ice Queen Time Travel India

Ice Queen Time Travel India

The girls from Frozen also want to explore the world a little. Why not go to India and learn about their customs and the way they dress? Have fun with them!

Late For C... Late For Class 2

Late For Class 2

Irina is really late for school. She still hasn't even left the house! Pick her outfit for today, fast! But make sure you pick something cool.

Special Da... Special Date Dress Up

Special Date Dress Up

Dress Merche with a pretty spring outfit so she can take a walk with her boyfriend. Make her look as elegant as possible. You probably have a lot of ideas!

High Schoo... High School Crush Date

High School Crush Date

Dress this student in her last year of high school so she can go to the prom with the date she picked to dance with. Find your style of clothes in all the available stuff!

University... University and Friends

University and Friends

Find a shirt, skirt or some pants for a college girl who has her first day of class today. Also pick the glasses if she needs them, shoes and other accessories.

Nurse Kid ... Nurse Kid Care

Nurse Kid Care

If you want to work as a nurse, you have to know about the care you have to offer the sick people that show up at the hospital. Don't hesitate to make the necessary decisions!

Top Singer... Top Singer Style

Top Singer Style

Dress a famous pop singer with the coolest clothes! Use modern clothes, like leather vests, fishnet stocking and horn-rimmed glasses.

Lazy Sunda... Lazy Sunday Dressup

Lazy Sunday Dressup

One Sunday Tania was at home and didn't have anything to do. So why bother getting all dressed up? Find your favorite pajamas and have her try them on. Let's see if she likes them!

Prom Dress... Prom Dress Creator

Prom Dress Creator

Create an elegant dress for a girl who's going to a classical music dance. Don't worry about the details on the fabric, because in that time period the clothes were covered with patterns.

Elsa Goes ... Elsa Goes To School

Elsa Goes To School

Elsa is going to start her first classes in high school next semester, and she's really nervous! Try to find the right outfit for her according to the rules of her new school. She's going to love it!

Real Makeu... Real Makeup for Prom

Real Makeup for Prom

Dress a girl in a fancy outfit for a party where she has to look really elegant. You can pick from the different hairstyles, dresses and jewelry.

Shopping F... Shopping Fever

Shopping Fever

Shopping fever never ends. It's either time to give presents or there are sales! Buy a magnificent outfit for a girl who wants to renew her whole wardrobe.


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