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Dress Up Games, Page 0 - 3289 free girl games added as of today

Summer Breeze Summer Breeze

Summer Breeze

Pick the best outfit you can for a girl who's going on vacation at a hotel near the beach. You can pick from all kinds of dresses and some outfits with shirts and skirts, as well as shoes. If you like jewelry today is your day, because there are awesome necklaces and earrings!

Yoga Time ... Yoga Time with Kim

Yoga Time with Kim

Buy the clothes Kim needs for yoga class and practicing with the other students. Pick your favorite stuff!

Black & Or... Black & Orange

Black & Orange

There are two colors that Anastasia likes more than any other: black and orange. Dress her with an outfit made up of only these two shades and get a really good result. You can also pick shoes and jewelry.

Cute Anime... Cute Anime Style Dress Up

Cute Anime Style Dress Up

Dress an anime girl with her best Christmas clothes. Fire engine red would look best on her, especially for the Christmas season! Also do her make-up to match the outfit you dress her with.

Bikini Season Bikini Season

Bikini Season

It's the season for wearing bikinis, or at least it is in southern Europe. If you come here on holiday, run to the shop and find the best outfits. Do you want to try it on a model first?

Meditate W... Meditate With Marisa

Meditate With Marisa

Do you want to meditate with Marisa? You just have to find a nice outfit to do yoga. It should fit you well and be really comfortable.

Summer Picnic Summer Picnic

Summer Picnic

It's normal to make big plans on nice summer days, like going on a picnic. Dress some girls with all kinds of dresses, t-shirts, pants or skirts. You can also pick from earrings, necklaces and other accessories. Have fun!

Carolina R... Carolina Restaurant Dress Up

Carolina Restaurant Dress Up

Carolina loves working at the restaurant and can wear whatever she wants there. Pick your favorite clothes so she's as pretty as possible for her job: a dress, some tights... all kinds of stuff!

After Scho... After School Kiss

After School Kiss

Dress a couple that meets every day at the cafeteria after a long day of classes. There's no better way to relax for a while than in a relaxing setting and in the best company in the world.

Retro Fashion Retro Fashion

Retro Fashion

Can Gabriela seduce the boy she likes? Today she has the chance to try at a costume party. The theme for the guests is retro fashion, and she can wear really elegant clothes!

Run for Fun Run for Fun

Run for Fun

Playing sports is really good for our health, and we don't have to wear ugly clothes to do it! Check out the trends for jogging and dress this girl with your favorite stuff.

Parisian Love Parisian Love

Parisian Love

Experience a Parisian wedding by meeting the bride and groom and picking the dress and style for the girl. You have to find something elegant and unique. Don't let her down!

Beach Girl Beach Girl

Beach Girl

Take advantage of the vacation Isabella's going on this year to help her pick the bikini and accessories she's going to take to the beach.

Date Night... Date Night Dress Up

Date Night Dress Up

Saida is going on an important date with her boyfriend tonight. They're going to see a musical at the theater! Try to pick the most elegant dress and make-up you have available. Are you going to make the right choices?

Mommy To Be Mommy To Be

Mommy To Be

Before she becomes a mom this girl's belly is going to get really big, because her son is growing inside. That's why she has to change and renew her wardrobe with baggy clothes for this time period. Do you want to help her make her selection?

Jumpsuit D... Jumpsuit Design

Jumpsuit Design

One of the funnest fashions is "Jumpsuit", a one-piece outfit that looks like it's made up of different parts. Do you want to make your own?

Wedding Ni... Wedding Night Dance

Wedding Night Dance

The wedding ceremony is always followed by the reception, where the newlyweds and guests get together to eat, dance and have fun. What style and dress is the bride going to have? It's all everyone's going to talk about!

Surfing Diva Surfing Diva

Surfing Diva

Not only do you need certain skills to surf, you also need great style. Dress one of the girls playing this sport so she looks as pretty as possible.

Summer Cam... Summer Camp Affair

Summer Camp Affair

Desiree met a boy at summer camp. She really likes how he dresses, but she likes how he treats her even better. Dress this new couple with casual summer clothes.

Sports Sta... Sports Star Dressup

Sports Star Dressup

Every time we play sports we dress in a special way. We wouldn't wear a dress to ride a bike or jog! Pick your favorite sports fashion clothes!

Summer BFF Summer BFF

Summer BFF

Two friends went to a beach town for a few days, where they're going to surf and see some sites. Dress them for the occasion with a nice bathing suit, and don't forget their surfboards!

Adventures... Adventures In Time

Adventures In Time

Dress a strange girl who can travel in time. Is she crazy or can she really do it? At least she's stylish!

Barbie Cel... Barbie Celebrity Princess Dress Up

Barbie Celebrity Princess Dress Up

Barbie is a famous celebrity, not just as a doll, but also because of her TV appearances. Which is why she always dresses in an elegant way! Check out her closet and pick your favorite clothes for her.

Barbie's B... Barbie's Beach Bikini

Barbie's Beach Bikini

Barbie's going on vacation really soon, but she still hasn't picked the bikini she's going to buy for the beach. Try to help her decide as fast as possible!


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