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Dress Up Games, Page 0 - 3324 free girl games added as of today

Top Singer... Top Singer Style

Top Singer Style

Dress a famous pop singer with the coolest clothes! Use modern clothes, like leather vests, fishnet stocking and horn-rimmed glasses.

Lazy Sunda... Lazy Sunday Dressup

Lazy Sunday Dressup

One Sunday Tania was at home and didn't have anything to do. So why bother getting all dressed up? Find your favorite pajamas and have her try them on. Let's see if she likes them!

Prom Dress... Prom Dress Creator

Prom Dress Creator

Create an elegant dress for a girl who's going to a classical music dance. Don't worry about the details on the fabric, because in that time period the clothes were covered with patterns.

Elsa Goes ... Elsa Goes To School

Elsa Goes To School

Elsa is going to start her first classes in high school next semester, and she's really nervous! Try to find the right outfit for her according to the rules of her new school. She's going to love it!

Real Makeu... Real Makeup for Prom

Real Makeup for Prom

Dress a girl in a fancy outfit for a party where she has to look really elegant. You can pick from the different hairstyles, dresses and jewelry.

Shopping F... Shopping Fever

Shopping Fever

Shopping fever never ends. It's either time to give presents or there are sales! Buy a magnificent outfit for a girl who wants to renew her whole wardrobe.

Princess D... Princess Dinner Party

Princess Dinner Party

Dress the model as if she were a princess. She has tons of expensive elegant dresses and jewelry like big celebrities have!

Barbie Her... Barbie Heroine

Barbie Heroine

Get a good heroine costume for Barbie. She loves characters like Superman, Catwoman and Captain America! But of course, she wants her own look...

Style Stud... Style Studio Challenge

Style Studio Challenge

Find a great outfit for our model to try on. She has to look exactly the same as the sketches.

Elsa's Hav... Elsa's Having a Baby

Elsa's Having a Baby

Buy pre-mom clothes for Elsa, because she's going to have a baby and needs some bigger sizes! Remember that they have to be warm, because it's always winter where they are...

Knee High ... Knee High Boots

Knee High Boots

Are your sick of your old boots? Do you want some new ones? We want to show you some tall ones. They're really pretty and we're sure you're going to like them.

Frozen Barbie Frozen Barbie

Frozen Barbie

Barbie also likes the dresses you can see in the movie Frozen, and she's got to have so much more stuff in her closet! Search in it and find your favorite outfit.

Barbie’s... Barbie’s Wedding Party

Barbie’s Wedding Party

One of Barbie's family members is about to get married and invited the whole family to the wedding. It's time to pick the dresses for her and all the other girls!

Queen Elsa... Queen Elsa Time Travel: China

Queen Elsa Time Travel: China

Princess Elsa is going to go on an important trip: she's going to China! One of her great wishes is to try on the fantastic traditional dresses from these millennial lands.

Winter Cas... Winter Casuals Dress Up

Winter Casuals Dress Up

It gets really cold in winter! So you better dress warm if you want to go out. Obviously, you can't just wear any old thing, you have to wear warm clothes when it's so cold out.

My Christm... My Christmas Doll

My Christmas Doll

Dress this girl with the clothes for the Christmas holiday. Find a red and green sweater, some red socks and a Christmas hat. You're going to look so cute!

Pretty Mus... Pretty Mustekeer

Pretty Mustekeer

Being a sword-fighter doesn't mean you have to wear men's clothing or a tight outfit. If you're skilled, you can also dress like a princess!

Cute Vet D... Cute Vet Dressup

Cute Vet Dressup

It's so much fun being a veterinarian. You get to work with your favorite animals! Dress this girl with your favorite clothes, but remember that the animals can tear them with their claws!

Ariel's Sw... Ariel's Sweet 16

Ariel's Sweet 16

Today Ariel's turning 16 and, as usual, they're having a big party for her, and she's going to dress like a princess. Pick her outfit!

Barbie Fas... Barbie Fashion Paint

Barbie Fashion Paint

Barbie has to go to a fashion show and you have to help her pick the clothes she's going to wear. Once you have them, color in the clothes.

Cotton Can... Cotton Candy Girl

Cotton Candy Girl

Natalia had the luck of being able to go to the city fair this year. She thought she'd wear some really casual shirts or dresses, and some shorts, because it's really hot out!

Winx Girls... Winx Girls Racing Fashion

Winx Girls Racing Fashion

Meet the Winx girls and go shopping with them so they can each get a new and pretty outfit. Do you think you can give them good advice?

Ballet Pri... Ballet Princess

Ballet Princess

Dress one of the ballerinas from a ballet as if she were a true princess of dance. Remember that the slippers have to be really comfortable so she can make all the necessary moves.

Park Bench... Park Bench Kissing

Park Bench Kissing

Dress a couple in love that's enjoying a day off on a park bench. They really want to have some alone time!


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