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Exclusive Games, Page 0 - 88 free girl games added as of today

Hime Makeover Hime Makeover

Hime Makeover

Even though princes and princesses still exist, the centuries have passed and the customs for the way they do their make up and what they wear have changed. Before they wore outfits that were much more voluminous and did their make up in a more exaggerated way. Do want to learn the secrets of the ancient ladies? You just have to play this game!

Maid Makeover Maid Makeover

Maid Makeover

In lots of movies, especially in the ones that take place in the Middle Ages, we see that lots of rich families have servants. Obviously, they have to dress the right way when they're at their boss's house, because they have to work there all day. But how come their make-up always looks so good? Find out by helping this girl get ready for her first day as a maid!

Summer Dre... Summer Dressup 2012

Summer Dressup 2012

It's finally August, one of the hottest months of the year, depending on where you live. That's why there's nothing better than going to the beach for a swim in the cool water. But do you have the coolest bikini and clothes for summer? Check out this game and decide what you like best!

Beautiful ... Beautiful Girl Makeover

Beautiful Girl Makeover

Us girls love getting dressed up to go out at night, which is why we want to know about your make-up routines. What do you usually do? Here's a model so you can demonstrate the color of the lipstick you use and the hair color you prefer. Prove that you're the most beautiful users on the whole planet!

Trendy Sch... Trendy School Girl

Trendy School Girl

It's time to go back to school in September and once more we'll see how our friends start the new year with something new, such as a new cellphone or brand-new clothes. But in some schools, like where this girl goes, you have to wear a uniform. Help her pick the best haircut, eye color and uniform so everyone notices her on the first day of school!

Monster Hi... Monster High Series: C.A. Cupid Dress Up

Monster High Series: C.A. Cupid Dress Up

The charming C.A. Cupid from the cartoon show Monster High gave you special access to her wardrobe so you can design an exclusive look for her, using every shade of pink, as well as different fabrics and materials. Make love triumph between the members of this monstrous high school with the goddess of love's advice.

Monster Hi... Monster High Series: Spectra Vondergeist Dress Up

Monster High Series: Spectra Vondergeist Dress Up

Spectra Vondergeist, one of the most famous characters from the Monster High saga, needs a makeover and she's entrusted you to give her one with your expertise, good taste and style. Give the ghost daughter a modern but scary look with leather, spikes, chains and brilliant fabric.

Monster Hi... Monster High Series: Deuce Gorgon Dress Up

Monster High Series: Deuce Gorgon Dress Up

Deuce Gorgon, Medusa's son in the Monster High cartoon saga, has more than enough style and good taste when getting dressed. Always with his trusty pet Perseus, a rodent with two tails and inoffensive snakes for hair, you have to dress him and choose sunglasses so he doesn't turn his friends to stone.

Monster Hi... Monster High Series: Lagoona Blue Dress Up

Monster High Series: Lagoona Blue Dress Up

Always with her beloved pet (a friendly piranha named Neptuna) Lagoona Blue loves fashion and has fun with her friends from Monster High, Draculaura and Clawdeen Wolf, among lots of other girls. Create a daring look for the beautiful daughter of the sea monster, with whom she'll have lots of adventures.

Monster Hi... Monster High Series: Clawdeen Wolf Dress Up

Monster High Series: Clawdeen Wolf Dress Up

Dress one of your favorite characters from Monster High in the fourth part of this fantastic series! Design the perfect little outfit for Clawdeen Wolf, the Wolf Man's daughter, who gives a glimpse to her more wild side without ever forgetting the sweeter and more sensual side possessed by the young wolf cub. Go for it!

Monster Hi... Monster High Series: Cleo De Nile Dress Up

Monster High Series: Cleo De Nile Dress Up

Here's the third part of this series in which you can contribute with your ideas and creativity to the clothes of one of the characters from the Monster High saga: Cleo de Nile! Have fun with the mummy's daughter by wrapping her whole body with bandages in the shape of a sexy dress or an awesome corset that'll make everyone's mouth water.

Monster Hi... Monster High Series: Frankie Stein Dress Up

Monster High Series: Frankie Stein Dress Up

The second part of the Monster High series is finally here! This time with Frankenstein's daughter, Holt Hyde's girlfriend Frankie Stein, a pretty girl who loves fashion and catching the attention of the students at high school. Create a terrifying look with the clothes and accessories offered in this fashion game.

Monster Hi... Monster High Series: Draculaura Dress Up

Monster High Series: Draculaura Dress Up

The most famous character from Monster High, Draculaura, asked you for fashion and hairdresser advice because she knows you're a girl with lots of style and good taste. Don't let her down! You've got a huge catalog of clothes, terrifying accessories, spectacular hairstyles and eye-catching make-up. Get to work!

Fus Ro Nyan Fus Ro Nyan

Fus Ro Nyan

The Trollface, Nyan Cat, Kirby, Chuck Norris memes, the Skyrim characters, a pony with a multicolor mane, and lots of other characters that you'll easily recognize get together in this incredible throwing game. Define the path and strength of the shot and catapult the kitty with the rainbow trail as far as you can.

Fancy Dres... Fancy Dress Valentine's Day

Fancy Dress Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is finally here! You and your boyfriend love giving each other romantic presents on such special days like this one. What are you going to wear for your date? Stop thinking about it and get ideas from this charming game in which you can try on a dress shaped like chocolate ice cream or a candy skirt.

Sailor Moo... Sailor Moon Dress Up

Sailor Moon Dress Up

Create your own army of moon warriors who will star in the most dangerous adventures you can imagine. Led by your personal version of Sailor Moon, the heroines Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars and Sailor Jupiter will adopt fresh looks to face their enemies, once they've been transformed.

Happy Chri... Happy Christmas 2011

Happy Christmas 2011

Christmas is here! It's a time for enjoying the much-awaited vacation with your family, but also for having a blast playing with all the presents you're going to get. Pick a Christmas look for the protagonist of this charming multi-colored game inspired by manga and anime as she opens her gifts box after box.

Xmas Heart... Xmas Heart Dress Up

Xmas Heart Dress Up

The magic of Christmas and the outfits of the most modern and sexy clothes are mixed in this charming winter fashion game inspired by a young manga version of Mrs. Santa. Pick a dress with gloves, combine them with a fun hat and reindeer antlers to complete the look with a funny facial expression.

Angeloid Angeloid


A little manga angel decided to defeat a ton of colorful bricks like in Arkanoid in a fascinating anime-style adventure. Demonstrate your angelic powers! Some of you may prefer to play with the mouse and others with the keyboard: in this arcade game for girls you have both options...

Puzzle Souls Puzzle Souls

Puzzle Souls

If your favorite video game is the mythical Puzzle Bobble, you can’t miss this innovative manga version. Have an exciting adventure where the most original anime characters are fighting for the Earth’s destiny, popping colorful bubbles. There’s also a 2 player mode!

Panic Frenzy Panic Frenzy

Panic Frenzy

If you ever played the classic arcade game Qix, you can't miss this opportunity to play its fun manga version. Reveal the pictures of characters from the most famous video games by moving the cursor around the screen to discover hidden areas and dodging the incredible shots fired by your nice anime enemies.

Guminies Guminies


Exciting manga-style game inspired by the classic Tetris in which you can travel in fantasy worlds with the young and adventurous Princess Elissa. Her mission is to rescue her best friends, the Guminies, who've been kidnapped by evil Prince Clop. Have fun lining up the colorful, funny little faces!

Chibi Lady... Chibi Lady Gaga

Chibi Lady Gaga

Fantastic VIP fashion game dedicated to the most shining star in the international music scene, the original Lady Gaga. Dress and do the hair of the chibi version of Stefani Germanotta, enjoying the manga combinations of her incredible hairstyles and fashion accessories.

Summer Spo... Summer Sport Girl Dress Up

Summer Sport Girl Dress Up

Are you an athletic girl? Would you like to know what the fashion trends for summer 2011 are? In this fantastic game of manga fashion for playing sports at the beach or in the water you'll find out what all the latest styles are, trying on bikinis and bathing suits so you have a cool look for hanging out at the seaside.


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